Tropical Renewable Energy Engineering (TREE)


Commercial solutions for clean energy, water & shelter towards 

sustainability, security & resilience for tropical climates

Our Services

At TREE, we are committed to accelerate the transition to your clean energy future. We provide both onshore & offshore commercial solutions that enable our clients even at remote regions to have access to renewable energy, clean water and robust sheltering.

Feasibility Evaluation

We help you better understand the energy potential of your site by utilizing robotics & artificial intelligence as resource mapping tools for optimal assessment & analysis.  

planning & Development

Our talented & passionate team provide the best solutions based on your needs & requirements in terms of cost, energy demand & usable land area.

Deployment & Maintenance

Solutions are deployed and maintained by us to ensure longevity & continuous operation. Decommissioning is also done as per your request.

Our Expertise

Floating Renewables

floating structures with solar panels and tidal turbines for on sea deployments.

Materials Engineering

Advanced tribology, additive manufacturing & coatings for marine & land applications.

Resource Mapping

Key Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for accurate site assessment & feasibility studies.

Micro Grids

Micro grid powered localized systems for both onshore & offshore applications.

Renewable Desalination

Fresh water production in remote regions through affordable renewable desalination.

Energy Auditing

Comprehensive assessment of your energy expenditure to ensure operational excellence.

The Need For Island Electrification

An estimated 11% of the worlds population live on islands. Presently, most of the islands have poor living conditions, intermittent electricity and high energy costs. As such, the locals have a dependence on fossil based generators to meet their energy demands. In addition, land scarcity is also a factor that prevents installing beyond a certain number of wind turbines & solar panels. 

However, there is still untapped renewable energy sources from offshore. 

Energy obtained through these methods will ensure reliability and security to satisfy the basic needs in these regions. 

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