Renewable energy systems continue to gain popularity and adoption in many nations and industries as they pledge to improve their energy practices towards building a sustainable future. Even in tropical climates and remote islands, wind, solar and tidal energy systems are installed to support the energy needs of homes and other services. Our team has the expertise to build and integrate such systems which are designed to mitigate harsh environmental effects such as typhoons.

1. Towable & Floating Tidal Turbine

  • Tidal turbine installed on a catamaran platform with lifting frame to raise from and into water

  • Easily towable and can be deployed in many locations

  • Ideal for energy requirements in off grid locations such as islandic or coastal areas.

  • Turbine is rated at 62 kW and has a rotor diameter of 4 meters. 

  • Cost effective and robust build 

2. Self Erecting Wind Turbine

  • Able to generate power at low wind speeds
  • Lightweight and robust 
  • Containerized solution