Our environmental resource assessment services are performed using robotic technologies to better assess the energy potential of your site. We employ sensor integrated Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with real time data capturing capabilities to supplement renewable energy systems deployment for maximum energy yield and reliability. Our capabilities extend towards utilizing these sensor data into our computational simulation studies which provide critical insights on the deployed renewable energy systems. 

Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based Resource Assessment

  • Quicker, more efficient and reliable method when compared to manual assessment
  • Integrated with various sensors which collects critical information such as :
    • seabed bathymetry
    • water quality
    • tidal flow
    • wave conditions
  • Collected information is utilized in our computation simulation models and planning for renewable energy systems deployment

Our computational simulation expertise :

  • Estimation of load acting on marine assets from any ocean environment such as wave and tidal loads through our developed ocean models using real –time satellite based bathymetry information and other input data.
  • We can determine the impact of water wakes on floating and static marine assets due to movement of ships, and can also predict the extent of damage it has caused to the assets.
  • We can determine the hydrodynamic characteristics of various moving objects in ocean especially in floating solar panel and tidal turbine installations.