Problem Definition

 Biofouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals on wet surfaces that have a mechanical function, causing structural or other functional deficiencies on marine assets, such as ship hulls and underwater propellers. Biofouling is a key issue which needs to be addressed to keep the marine assets healthy in tropical waters. One of such solutions to circumvent the build up on biofouling matter by applying a special material coating on these marrine asset surfaces. However, International Maritime Organizations and Marine Port Authorities have regulations that requie such coatings to be environmental friendly and non-detrimental to marine ecologies. 

Benefits of our developed coating


The developed marine safe functional coating has the following benefits

  1. Increased MTBI & MTBF – enabling reduced maintenance & minimal asset downtime
  2. Drydock intervals increases
  3. Reduced manpower & easy cleaning
  4. Reduced drag on hull & propeller
  5. Reduced material degradation
  6. Significant fuel consumption reduction
  7. Marine chemical pollution prevention