TREE’s underwater and aerial drone-based solutions aim to minimize downtime of marine assets by providing early information on potential failures of marine assets. Drone based inspection methods allow for visual inspection of assets deployed in locations which are hard to access. These have profound benefits such as quicker deployment and inspection times while ensuring the safety of inspection crew. 

1. Underwater Drone Based Inspection

  • Underwater Fouling inspections are becoming increasingly important as owners look to assess and evaluate the biofouling growth rate on their assets.

  • Biofouling growth can result in a decrease in an assets performance thus as per regulatory authorities frequent inspections are mandatory

  • Traditional inspection using deep divers are expensive and pose health and safety risks to humans. It requires a lot of paperwork and organize it in advance.

  • The market is therefore looking for options that are having low risk and high efficiency where our solution of a drone based inspection system comes into play to digitally log and track this growth and to report the impact it has on assets performance, which becomes the vital information for any asset owner in the maritime sector.

We Provide Data for Maritime Owners to Plan for Condition Based Asset Maintenance: 

  • It provides real-time health state of the asset.
  • It is coupled with a digital twin which is equipped with evaluation methods as per regulatory authorities.
  • Our solution can also assist diving inspection crew to assess condition underwater to plan their work.
  • Provides access to areas which pose health and safety risks for divers.
  • Our drone based inspection service is a cost effective solution.

2. Aerial Done Based Inspection

  • Conventional inspections of tall structures require costly scaffolding, rope access and skilled manpower who are at high safety risks. 
  • Our aerial drone based inspections provide customers a cost effective and less risky alternative for assets such as wind turbines & roof solar panel installations. 
  • Using aerial drones for inspection can be completed at a fraction of the time and cost than a traditional inspections available in the market. 
  •  Inspection services offered by aerial drones :
    • Corrosion, crack and erosion detection
    • Thermal imaging and dust accumulation analysis for solar panels.
    • Drone based Non-Distructive Testing (NDT) evaluation. 
    • Paint/coatings evaluation
    • Customized inspection trials
    • Real-time reporting of problems