Product Features

1. Real-time Asset health monitoring
2. Green Energy with reduced carbon emission
3. Standard Containers
4. Seawater Feed pump
5. PLC controlled solenoid valves
6. Ro membrane Auto-flushing
7. Auto-chlorination system
8. UV-Sterilization
9. Non-corrosive piping units
10. Pressure alarm system
11. Auto Rejection of product water that does not meet the drinking
water quality limits.
12. Product water & brine discharge water quality monitoring
13. Container integrated and Land based solar PV
14. Customised Energy storage system with energy backup


    1. Tailored to specific onsite & offshore site conditions through containerised systems.
    2. Renewable empowered energy solutions.
    3. Customised clean water for drinking as per the WHO standards.
    4. On demand energy supply – A/C, D/C power.
    5. Container on wheels – easy Mobility and transportation.
    6. Water sources include from seawater to harvested rainwater.
    7. Empowerment of remote coastal locations.

Typical Feed Seawater Quality

Parameter Unit Value
TDS mg/L les than 35000
pH - 6.5-8.5
Temperature °C 20-35
Turbidity NTU less than 15
Boron Mg/L less than 6

Typical Product Water Quality

Parameter Unit Value
TDS mg/L Max. 250
pH - 6.5-8.0
Chlorine Residual mg/L 0.5-2.0
Turbidity NTU Max. 3
Color Hazen Unit Max. 5